Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The answer bloody well isn't 42, it's yes!

Quantum Leap was awesome. There isn't anything better than Dean Stockwell's (Al's) quirky responses and people's reactions to things of the future (our past)
'What had the most positive impact on me in high school? Answer: 'mini skirt'?
What had the most negative impact on me in high school? Answer: 'panty hose'?'
'What did he say he was expelled for?'
'He's got a sick mind, they all do.'

I remember I had a great saying I thought of at some point, but for the love of it, I cannot remember it. It was great, it would work, nobody would have to get nailed to anything. If I could just remember it, it would be perfect.
It'll come to me.

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