Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is a time for celebration.

Well, it appears that there is no more school this year. Finally an opportunity to gets some real work done.

I like the Cambridge University's logic that a student studies and learns from lectures, not in them. Not so many classes but tons of independent work.

I do not wish to think anymore today. I'd rather do something mindless. But nothing stupid. I guess I'll get to experience the great intellectual kind of mindlessness. Yes, I quite fancy that idea.

Also, it is interesting to note that allegedly I speak different languages with very differing accents. And sometimes I change accents mid-speech. Go figure.

Anyways I will leave you with 2 slightly different Christmas songs, the first one is a bit more famous, but the other one won't let you down either. Even though it is not exactly about Christmas but rather about the wonderful snowy season we have right now.

The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't let the bells end)

Arcade Fire - Winter for a year

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