Monday, January 2, 2012

One way ticket to hell and back?

Very recently I came across some extraordinarily good music. It is really the kind of music that uses my awesome new 2.1 speaker system (integrated subwoofer) fully for my enjoyment. Now do not laugh, 2.1 is still better than 2.0. It isn't anything near 5.1 but it does the job really neatly. Beats all of my earphones, even the SENNHEISERs, which are simply spectacular, even after years of use. God it's awesome.

Doing nothing appears to be most entertaining.

I wasn't planning on finding such awesomeness, but
Alas! I did.

But now I fear that it is time to get serious again. Biology does not like to wait, Deutsch braucht meine Aufmerksamkeit, Chemistry is making me fret and I know I am quite possibly forgetting something. Oh yes, more Chemistry. Actually there is a third Chemistry as well, but let's not go into that.
And they expect me to think this is winter break.

I guess breaks are indeed not holidays (like Americans tend to think) but time for instead time to learn on one's own. I like the American way more. I would really like to let my brain rest. On the other hand, school does start tomorrow. At least for me and a couple of others.

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