Sunday, November 1, 2015

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being superior to your former self."

- Ernest Hemingway

Last night I got to do some thinking. In my wonderings I realized that every choice I've made, every place I've been to, every group or organisation I've joined recently have been my choices for one single reason. Surely there are other reasons to give additional motivation, but there is only one 'big one'. I believe they make me better. Not better than others. But better than who I've been before. Since we are the sum of our experiences it stands to reason that one must choose the most probably beneficial choices. To become the best version of oneself. One might say I pursue action in accordance with excellence. And that, according to Aristotle, will be the very best thing in us.

The Universe may always take us to places we can learn, but learning is only one part of life. From Faust we have learned that knowing everything is insufficient for happiness. Knowledge is not to be hoarded, it is to be shared. With family, friends, colleagues, sometimes even strangers.  Knowledge must be shared for more people to have the chance to be enlightebed, to be better, to pursue excellence. Not all knowledge is worth sharing and not all knowledge should be shared with just anyone, which poses a problem. Nevertheless, any person could try to go at it alone, but would soon realize that great tasks and incredible feats require cooperation, require working together.

This is why I find love so important. Love for ideas shows us where to go, what to focus ourselves on. Love for another person shows us who can help us get there, how we can help others reach the same goal. Often it tells us how to enjoy our pursuit.

We might never achieve excellence, but without love we don't even stand a chance. Without love we are nothing. And I stand firm in my belief that somehow, somewhere there is love for everyone.

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