Sunday, January 23, 2011

Complaining works

I followed the footprints
Around in the snow
I ended up doing circles and came back home
Where I started to find that everyone was a sign
And all that mattered was that this *flaming* fire's mine
Sometimes you kinda have to die
If you're ever gonna find your way back to where your life is
Life is quite interesting. Sometimes you search and try to find something... eventually realizing you are just fooling yourself. Other times it smacks you in the face from where you don't see it coming. By process of misevaluating priorities one can make huge mistakes, leading to perfect endings for the one, but causing destruction to everyone around.
I'm slowly beginning to believe in predestination.

People continue to amaze me. Either someone comes up with really impressive poetry, overachieves oneself or opens up at the least expected moment. I understand them completely.

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