Monday, January 10, 2011

Something's wrong

So I decided to start with music. It's just something I've just recently discovered. They are quite good with a well-developed mediocre style (not exactly awesome, but not exactly unawesome either)
I mainly like this song for the first lines that describe the seasons but also because it talks about abnormal people like me.

We are liars like a summer day.

Like the spring, we are such fools.

Like fall, we are false prophets.

And like winter, we are cruel.

However would it really be me if I did not pick a song that really gets in my head? No. It has to stay haunting, it has to become addicting, it has to be... something simple, yet elegant. It has to be Rogue Wave or Cake. I would otherwise take Dime by Cake, but I've advertised it so much already... so Rogue it is.

I promise to return to the normal mindlessness soon. Just not yet, feeling too down down down down.

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