Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bullet in the brainpan, squish

I can help shake the feeling that we are of different worlds.

What do I want from life? How to get it? I actually cannot say for sure.
I know I want to thrive, I want to reach something.
I want to make a future.
But what will it be like?

'The future is in your hands, so make it a good one!' -Back to the Future Part III

Falling asleep is hard, waking up is even harder.
I wish things just went the way they should, no surprises, no reroutes.
Just a steady cruise, following it's way to the abyss.
Nothing complex, only simplicity at it's finest.
Just to simply live and not have a care in the world because it all comes together.
But plans never do.
'Even the best laid plansnever survive the battlefield.'

Maybe I should revert to reading 'Cryptonomicon' or 'The Art of War'...
Damn those were great books.
Books to live by.

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