Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Live long and Prosper Merimee

In Merimee's 'Carmen', her (Carmen's) main point appears to be
'Give me liberty or give me Jose... I mean death.'
Which brings in a rhyme
'Enesetapp - nõrkus või tugevus
või loogiline tulemus?'
'Suicide - flaw or merit
or logical result?'
I know, it doesn't quite rhyme in English as it came out in Estonian. Blame the translator.

Time is so scarce there is nearly no time to rest. My only shot at it is during the weekend as the only stuff next week are as simple as splinters. Except for the one thing I can't wing: German.
I've tried, it's no good.

And yet I write this blog, as if I had nothing better to do... as a matter of fact I am waiting for someone to teach Biology to and learn through teaching. It has proven to be a viable option and it does work.

The fumes are running out. Rogue Wave helps a lot.

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