Saturday, February 18, 2012

Facts and fiction

I just found out that about a fifth of the visits to this blog originate from the United States and about a tenth of it from Russia. This makes me wonder who they are.
It is also interesting to note that even when I did not post anything in a long time, the visits never died out and explosively grew when there was some new action here. This gives me hope that my theory about "something" is correct. I refrain myself from revealing the "something" because I do not wish to explain it in depth. This is because I was given the task of making a speech about it and, sadly, I cannot share the same content freely, efficiently and pleasantly twice. No matter how hard I try I cannot make two identical speeches. Zum Teufel, I can't make two good speeches on the same subject from the same angle.
This is why I have openly shown resistance towards being the first speaker on the same subject twice during debates.
But it is good to know my theory might hold true. In a way it is sad, as my theory states that "something" has caused the decline of our (The World's (Hello, World!)) culture. If this holds true, it is bad for our culture. (Un)fortunately some governments are trying to limit the "something", which could help our culture. Alas, it does not come without negative consequences.

It is fascinating how Broken Sword has remained to be one of the greatest games of all time. There is a kind of magic to using global trends and medieval history to create a huge conspiracy of faith. The point hinged on the facts that governments cared more about corporations than about people; that after the (Cold) war all departments of defense faced budgetary cuts, which caused a sense of betrayal within the governments and military; that global market was in a crisis, and that due to the growing public unrest all decisions of the governments and corporations were hurried and, in essence, mistakes, from which recovery was painful. Allegedly all this was orchestrated by a small group of people who wished to come to power and rule the world. To do this, they needed an artifact of the Knights Templar. Go figure.
But the point remains, the trend continues and someone may try to take advantage of the growing chaos. "The pattern is emerging. Our time is now."

"In the beginning was the end."
"And end wrought by our enemies began our darkness."
"In the end will be a beginning!"
"An end to our enemies heralds our new day!"

Which brings me to a third point. I have experienced a huge amount of 'déjà vu'-s lately. It's like I'm watching something that happened two years ago on a VCR. And I choose to go down the same path.
I kind of liked that path.

While I'd wish to talk about it further, I'd rather not publish personal facts publicly. Who knows who might read it and when. And them I'm left with someone claiming that I wrote something I do not have any inkling of. At the very least, no remembrance of having written it.
It sounds stupid but it has happened. I still don't know what ##### was on about.

No video today, however a nice little article from Forbes should keep you entertained.

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