Sunday, February 19, 2012

For something a little more old-fashioned and a little more modern

I do not know for sure how this post differs from everything else I’ve posted, but I know that I am writing this in a new way.

Let’s just say Dell Dock is surprisingly useful.


The more time people are left with, the less productive they become. It’s like a force or nature that overcomes them.

Unfortunately this may cause people to become incapable of finishing all the stuff they want by the time they want it.

I really do hate downtime.

Perhaps I should pick up a book to read.

Nah, rather watch a movie or something while I listen to some music and research, categorize and explain beauty. And while I talk to someone.

Multitasking is something I quite enjoy.


Also, being in the presence of non-real people really softens one’s brains.

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