Sunday, April 22, 2012

Holy Swiss cheese

For now, the Unites States has limited its demands of banking information to American citizens. Inadvertently, since countries in the EU don’t wish to give out personal information and hence filter any and all information they do reveal, the IRS will receive information about some non-U.S.-citizens and lack information about some citizens. In any case, they obtain personal data through legal extortion. Let’s not forget, the United States has already demanded passenger data. And if someone chooses not to cooperate, those people will suddenly face difficulties communicating and trading with the States. It is evil. And I cannot think of a reasonable reason to demand so much. Why would they want to track every single one of their citizens all over the world? Or is the goal tracking every single person in the world, just they have to use salami tactics for now, just as Russia is?

It is no secret that ever since their unprovoked assaults on Iraq and Afghanistan, every single international action has been more than simply suspicious. World Police… bossing around at every opportunity. Apparently their local laws have international significance, otherwise SOPA would’ve been totally useless. I wonder where it will all stop. When the world is a police state? In any case, the result can’t really be good.

It is no wonder then, that the United States have earned the title ‘Empire of Evil’. Ironic.


Also, the storyblog is once again being updated relatively regularly. Now with Act II, the one where chaos develops.

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