Sunday, April 1, 2012

Now that is a hoopy frood.

The weather is warm, it hardly ever snows now. Small flowers are blooming, blessing the countryside and little gardens with their beauty. Yes, the spring has sprung, there is no doubt about that.

It’s sad, really, having no snow for a long time. But on the other hand it is fairly nice to have more colours than merely white and yellow. A true rebirth of mottled nature.


I haven’t much thoughts today, but tomorrow I will surely get some. After all, people are funny and bring up various topics. Just last week I spoke with some random guy about different types of ammo (with a little sidetracking to MythBusters, for obvious reasons) for no apparent reason. But I can’t really ponder about that publicly, I would sound slightly homicidal and nobody wants that. But rest assured, I will get new topics.


Yesterday I spoke with a local Russian fellow, who has a competitive heart and a brain to go with it. Sure, not the cream of the crop, but good enough to be in the top brass. And we noticed how practically everyone can speak English fairly well, but have trouble with other foreign languages. Sure, it can be accounted to the whole world wide web thing being mostly in English. Quite honestly, the only non-English websites I visit regularly are a couple of blogs and a local newspaper, which I visit rarely. Frankly, I find it more useful to read that newspaper in paper form when I have time and get all the other interesting information from various other newsfeeds. The information gets filtered before it reaches me, giving me a compact, yet thorough, overview of the things that interest me, and The Daily Show gives me all the juicy bits of politics. All in English. Which reminds me, I should get back to some German newspapers or something of the like as well… oh well.

English rules our world. And quite frankly, it is not all good English. For instance, this very blog has surprisingly little English in it. Until now, the spell-checker was set to American (well, technically not, but that is a matter of semantics). I am sure you remember Henry Higgins’ comment about Americans and their language.

But for now I shall leave you with a nice song from a nice movie.

The trailer for it. Really entertaining, has Geoffrey Rush in an important role, which is always a great thing.

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