Monday, April 16, 2012

“Would you believe…”

Lately there has been a lot of commotion about ‘hen’, a Swedish alternative to sexes. Basically calling every one ‘it’, instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’ (or ‘see’ instead of ‘tema’ and ‘temake’ in a certain other language). This has raised more than a few eyebrows and wags of fingers. Instead of traditional and non-traditional gender roles, children are taught how to be ‘sexless’. This means boys in dresses and ‘gender neutral’ fairy tales take the scene – no damsels in distress, no chivalrous princes. The stories lack what we like about fairy tales – the clear-cut characters.

The problem with this method is clearly an increase of people that act like transvestites or hermaphrodites. Obviously, this has a positive effect on the current global overpopulation problem. However, some people have expressed concern over the deteriorating state of our present culture. We have preset gender roles – put bluntly, the female side keeps the kids happy while the male side contributes financial aid to do so. This system has been relatively effective for millennia, changing it creates a precedent, which should be avoided. If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. “A lot has to be done, but not for the first time.” (YPM)

Not to mention the problem with cultural integrity. With more and more sexless people entering the society, thus not doing what society expects them to do, creates a group of people that can almost only create their own small communities where they could fit in. Modern society is increasingly discontent with people that are different. The terror and fear has done its job at making people paranoid of everything and everyone. Life’s value per se has decreased significantly. Hence everyone different has become a risk – different values of life might mean harmful actions with a clear conscience. This is dangerous for people near the ‘different’ people that ‘may’ go berserk. Naturally, this is paranoia.


“In the romance room, the female rabbits are chasing the male rabbits, und hier, the female rabbits are shrinking from the male rabbits. Und in both rooms, the male rabbits are just sitting around trying to figure out what it’s all about.” – Siegfried”You can’t have larger ideals with the smaller ones being compromised.”age quod agis

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