Friday, June 8, 2012

“You don’t fix faith, faith fixes you.”

Jump, take a leap of faith

It's a question that drives us
To where we must go, It's
the unknown that drives from us
what we want most but
the firefly sits in the corner and rest

“Firefly” (Eurovision 2009, Cyprus)


As Captain O’Neil said in SG-1: “We are a curious race.”. We look for the unknown, yet we fear it. Today I watched an interesting new TV show called ‘Saving Hope’. It was about a surgeon that is involved in a car crash en route to his wedding and ends up in a coma because of it. While he is down, he provides commentary to events that happen in the hospital as a spirit while trying to find a way to communicate with his wife-to-be to stop her from losing hope and getting it on with an another surgeon. He, naturally, is portrayed by Michael Shanks of SG-1, Burn Notice, and much other greatly deserved fame. He does a magnificent job with the limited role of ‘spirit’.

But what got me thinking was one of his monologues about doctors. They are thought as much as possible about the known, they get tons of facts. The learn to do tests to get all the information that they can, and act after they review the information. They fear the unknown, jumping into the water in a strange place, cutting somewhere they have no sufficient information about. It is risk they do not want to take. It is a risk nobody wants to take. But it is human curiosity that makes one stick one’s hand into the body of another without being even remotely certain of achieving something of value.

It is a risk they have to take. It is a risk they are willing to take. It is the risk of being human.

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