Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zip it, canhead!

It is so nice when someone remembers the old classics. Sure, there are Babylon 5 references in many comments about modern sci-fi shows (“Boom tomorrow. There is always a boom tomorrow.” etc.), and old games are references in ‘geek shows’ (Chuck, VGHS, The Big Bang Theory, etc.), not to mention all the cosplay events (though I really hate that I do not remember anyone portraying George Stobbard). Nowadays ‘viral’ videos push the memories and remind you of shows from years ago. Firefly lives on because its actors are stars, but underdogs like Jack of all Trades and IT Crowd hardly get any love. And that is why it is so nice to see someone remember those small shows.

Also, after trying out Fedora and Ubuntu with GNOME, I’ve set on Kubuntu instead, GNOME is seriously limiting. Which reminds me what I really, really hate about Windows 8 – one of the things that really, really bugs me in GNOME. The full-screen Start menu. It is a menu. It is not supposed to take the whole screen, it is supposed to be a tiny distraction. The size-to-practicality relation is an important aspect of UX (User eXperience) for me. I want to be able to continue watching a movie while running through the programs list trying to find additional distraction from the things I am actually supposed to be doing. I want to be able to use the menu using my keyboard so that I can open some other program whilst blogging without having to resort to using the mouse or touchpad, all of my fingers are already on the keyboard! I want to be able to use *windows* without having to resort to *tiles* every time I want to start something. And I most definitely do not want to resort to using the file explorer to run programs. Why Windows 8 is still called ‘Windows’ and not ‘Tiles’ is an another question that the people in Microsoft have trouble answering, my guess is it is because of continuity – to keep the series consistent. However, I still believe they have lost their way, the main revolutionary change that Windows originally implemented was windows.*gasp!* Windows allowed running programs side by side, many programs in one’s sight that one could use. Losing those windows and replacing them with tiles and full-screen apps is a huge step backwards. A gigantic leap, even.

I understand Microsoft is desperately trying to push into the increasing tablet market, but they are killing their desktop and laptop markets by doing so. I understand them, but it still sounds like a very bad idea on their part. Imitating GNOME is just a bad, bad, bad idea. Really bad.

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