Friday, March 2, 2012

“If you’d kept you mouth shut, we’d have though you were clever.”

I wait for March 15th. After that I can tell you why something some people think is bad is actually good.


However I will make an attempt to keep up some cooked-up idea sourced from a comment on my style of writing. I wonder how easy it is to find. I will most probably reference it somewhere down here at some point when I have developed it enough to be something read worthy.

Due to this, my current post will be cut short. I am thinking of making a longer one in the near future about education or something on the lines of that. Might be, might not be. For now, however I will get to work on writing something I’ve desperately tried to remember for the last two days. Not to mention marking down all the stuff I cannot write as of yet due to missing links. I only wish that my imagination worked in a straight line for once…

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