Wednesday, March 21, 2012

May the odds… you know, that.

Procrastination is a funny little thing. Well, it is an action, but let’s ignore that. I know the facts don’t cease to exist because I choose to ignore them, but this time it doesn’t really matter that much whether or not I use the factual term or something similar-but-not-quite-it. Let’s simplify.

It is something that allows a person to pile up projects and duties to ignore other important things until their due time. Sometimes even all the way past that. Sure, something gets done, but that something is not the something one is supposed to get done. It is a something that doesn’t generally matter in one’s life anyhow. At the very least, not visibly in the foreseeable future. Though let’s be honest, procrastination in the form of Master of Orion II when one is young, expands the person’s vocabulary by a surprisingly large amount. Where else would one encounter the words ‘amiable’ or ‘omniscient’ in proper, yet entertaining, context? But at the time of procrastination one doesn’t really pay all that much attention to these perks. And daydreaming, I read, is good for a person’s working memory. Seems like procrastination is one turnip of a thing.

Ah, but the important things remain important and they do not get the attention they need, one might say. One might say so, indeed. Alas, they do get done if they are important. And they get done a lot faster because of the rush. Sure, the result might not be as shiny, but that is not the aim. After all, some things (for example, a philosophical essay) are better worked on, when one is tired (for example, only after 1am). Sleep-deprivation boosts creativity because one loses the ability to think straight. And a tired mind is still motivated to make a strong attempt at thinking straight for a couple of moments in order to finish up something logical, it’s something like getting a temporary boost, after which the withdrawal gets really bad. Henceforth, the result is a combination of braindead creativity and supercharged logic. A perfect harmony!

However, I would not suggest using the procrastination method too much, it could be detrimental to your mental health during daytime. We wouldn’t want that, right?

Just something to laugh at.

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