Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stats, not much else.

Finally, Part One of the story is complete. This acted as a kind of an introduction. The band of main characters is now set, as is their aim and a couple of their motivations. Each of the characters will be explored in more depth as the story develops into chaos and right back out of it. But the mood is set, the action is ready and the tale can start taking form. If you missed anything, just look on the right side of this page and you’ll find it.

On the statistics side (I tend to add up some numbers every time I finish a chapter), I can say that for now, the total number of words for this minor piece of the story is 8114 and the average number of words is 676 words per chapter, the shortest being the introduction with merely 178 words, meaning that the average word count per actual chapter (excluding the introduction) is 721. Act One was finished in three weeks with 3948 words (up to Chapter VI, included) written in the first week, the second week getting only one chapter and all the rest getting finished up during this week. Surprisingly, the last week has boosted the average word count considerably.

But, as you know, statistics is like a mini skirt. Promises a lot but doesn’t really show anything. And no, it is not my original thought.


On the lighter side of things, I’ll leave you with something nice about something that still remains a problem. Well, the second half of it is very current. Still, a worthwhile watch.


  1. If something isn't your original thought, it needs a reference, too. :) Like: "(Reemann, 2010)". He deserves credit, doesn't he?

    1. Alas, I know not where it actually originates. I have no clue whom from he heard it. Besides I tend to name only internationally famous people.
      But I see your point.