Sunday, March 18, 2012

“Pathetic Earthlings. […] If you had any idea what was really going on in the Universe you would have hidden from it.”

Right. Back to being impersonal.

You may have noticed that I avoid speaking of ethics and morality. This is largely because of their relativity. The social contract seems to dictate many rules of ethical behavior, however since I appear not to be quite up to date with the contents of the contract, I am not able to think like others, and therefore cannot judge like others. I believe in the reasonable transaction. Objective, cold, calculated assessments.

I cannot think ‘how much is the life of one man worth’.

However, the right to hurt a third person for the good of a first and a second intrigues me. And the morality of that can only be explored through trial and error. After that, it’s time to look at the bigger picture and expand the experiment. What is the price of living?

After all, the price of death is nothing. After death it doesn’t really matter. After one dies, the world of the living offers him/her no interest. Not a care in the world. Makes it a fine option. No consequences, no choices. No responsibility. The price of living is a lot higher. Sure, one can simply glide through life, but is that living? Biologists would say yes, philosophers no.

“I think it is better, not to die. Don’t you think so?” – Sonny

I believe so, too. It seems just so weak to give up and just die. Although I hope death is more enjoyable, after all, it is going to last for a while. But it is the life that we remember. It is the life we get to live. So let’s take the most of it until our untimely demise. We make our own futures.


I may sound depressive but I assure you, I am not.


“How much is the life of one man worth? Millions more?

If you wouldn’t fall on your sword for this, what then?” – from The Hire

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