Tuesday, March 27, 2012

“What good is a Picasso if you cannot bounce it off the wall?”

Reading about feminism in a philosophical dictionary is rather intriguing. The positive examples were almost exclusively unconvincing interpretations of the concept. The negative examples were line from the Bible. After all, the woman was made from a piece of the man, not vice versa. Hence the woman was created for the man, not the other way around. This shows with elegant inevitability that man and woman are not equal according to the Bible. I won’t even go to talk about all the evil things women do in the Bible, also brought as examples. It would appear that philosophy completely disses the whole concept of gender equality. After all, one cannot take the arguments presented in the dictionary seriously. Albeit it is only one book, it is the book the local philosophers seem to respect most. But the current process of gender equality can be summarized quite neatly with one video. Sure, it is a little dated, but the attitude has remained largely similar.

The idea is great, but it is in the execution where the problem lies. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of women in executive positions and I don’t really have anything against it. After all, their innate multitasking ability is essential for modern enterprises.

However, I don’t quite understand the logic behind having special days or months to ‘celebrate’ them. Quite frankly, they remind me of Black History Month, and that doesn’t really give the right impression. But let’s be honest, even that is rather counterproductive. If you want to stop the incessant discrimination of a group or type of people, having special events that stress the difference don’t quite work for the cause. It would be wiser to stop focusing on the differences and just let society blend into a mixture. No more classifications due to events, no more discrimination by means of celebration. To cease making a difference one has to stop stressing the difference. By creating special days or months to celebrate a group of people, the ever-constant celebration of all the people who do not belong to the group emerges with elegant inevitability. If one day is Women’s Day, then therefore all the rest are Men’s? That can’t be good for equality in any shape, taste or form.

And a special thanks to the person who reminded me of the exquisite music that is Queen. Enjoy.

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