Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Heart Is An Apple

Since this ‘video’ has a very constant image, I thought it might be nicer if it was in the beginning, instead of at the end. This way you can listen while you read and close the tab/window after reading, instead of keeping it open to keep listening to some sweet tunes.

I see that I have missed my usual maximal pause for blog posts but it has a reason. I was lately informed that the week was about to end so I decided to get ALL the intended work of the week done, hence I stopped thinking normally and was unable to post anything. But here’s where anyone can really help – muses can be found everywhere. Only the main muse remains. The side muses change from time to time, share their involuntary and accidental titles unbeknownst to them.

All through this week, however, I’ve got to catch up on my philosophy. They have some really good theories that most people take for granted, such as determinism. It is common knowledge that if one were to know the position of every single particle in the whole wide Universe, that one could tell the future. After all, everything that happens is a simple linear system of cause and effect. As the causes differ, so do the outcomes. A priori and a posteriori. Sure, some may say that induction is impossible, but that is like saying mathematics is simply a theory that may be true or false and until further proof shouldn’t be taught in schools. Alas, philosophers tend to (as not philosophers never really agree with each other’s theories unless they are compatible with their own) believe that the science behind quantum physics is merely an abstract theory and the results of it can be interpreted in too many different ways for it to be compatible with determinism. Just because philosophers claim that quantum events cannot be calculated (as of yet, and hence, for some odd reason, ever), the theory of determinism is hogwash.

But credit to where credit is due, philosophers do realize that whatever they do or say, has to somehow get along with actual science. They admit that there is a logical explanation to everything, after all, that is what makes them taken more seriously than people speaking of religion and God. Oh, wait, they speak about him as well. I guess a broader audience never hurts. That is kind of the charm of philosophy – it can be applied whenever, wherever. And it is infinitely quotable, which never hurts. Just look at Firefly, if you have any doubts.

“If we weren’t all crazy, we would all go insane.”- Jimmy Buffett

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