Thursday, May 31, 2012

Accurate predictions will probably be outlawed in North Carolina.

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Some people[1] bug me. They just do.

Sure, having girlish sons or boyish daughters can cause distress for the family. After all, it reduces the probability of continuing the bloodline. For some reason, gay couples tend not to have direct descendants…

But propagating violence towards little children is rather irrational in my oh-so-humble opinion. This is for several reasons.

Firstly, how do you make sure the child understands why he/she has been scolded? Sure, you could explain a single ‘symptom’ of ‘gayness’ or whatever it could be called. But all the other ‘symptoms’ go unexplained so a physical punishment hardly helps. Not to mention that punishment without proper explanation is as good as punching a stranger in the face. Only good for relieving stress, but not really helpful for the stranger.

Secondly, how do you explain the perils of gaydom? You can’t simply say ‘because it is the Devil’s work’. Well, you can, but you cannot explain why it is so. You can’t even prove *that* it is so. Besides, if you’re talking about the Devil, and by that you mean Lucifer, then let’s not forget who he really is – merely a minion of God. And not just a minion, if God was there first and everything was created by God, then Lucifer is a creation of God. If God is absolute good, how could he/she/it create absolute evil? It can’t, or he/she/it would not be absolute good. Hence if Lucifer is not absolute evil (or God is not absolute good), gayness also has to be relative. And to prove that it is on the ‘evil’ side of the scale is quite a challenge. With this point, I reach yet another point.

Thirdly, why punish physically? To ensure the memory remains as a scar for the rest of the child’s life? To increase the probability of the child growing up mentally disturbed? In any case, it hardly seems practical. Logical explanation should be more effective, though teaching logic to children may cause them to doubt faith, and that can’t be allowed, right?

So all in all, some people[2] just bug me. They just do.


So, instead of thinking about beating up little children (or actually doing it), enjoy a little video with an awesome ‘Death Note’ costume.

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