Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ugh, morality again.

Oh I have a great topic[1]. Is it ethical to pay drug addicts to get sterilized?

Well, the obvious pro-argument is the fact that drug addicts are generally a nuisance to the society. They drain resources while not really creating any value. They are vermin, they live on the society’s account. Therefore it would be reasonable to stop them from multiplying. The less vermin, the less stress on the society.

Secondly, they are drug addicts. Drug addicts. They can’t think clearly, they have a necessity. How could they possibly take care of a child? The child would most probably grow up in substandard living conditions, be offered for adoption or in the worst case scenario (possibly the worst in some way) left for dead. That can’t be good, unless one considers the argument of overpopulation.

However, some think it would be unethical somehow. It does not appear to conflict with the Golden Rule, categorical imperative or utilitarian views, which does not really speak for the argument of morality (or the lack thereof). Therefore those people who find it immoral consider the Darwinian perspective – how to preserve as many fellow humans as possible in the present. More on that once I’ve slept on it.

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