Friday, May 25, 2012


As your keen sense of observation may already have noticed, the blog has reverted to the ‘simple’ design format, wherein comments are de facto visible and the side projects thing is not tucked away somewhere. While the previous format was also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it lacked both snippets and, I’ll be honest here, I like comments.

What still bugs me is the lack of a real dynamic format. Why does the width of the blog and the sidebar have to be defined? Why can’t the width be defined relative to each other (as they together make up the whole width), which would enable the page to be viewed normally (edge-to-edge) on wider screens as well as narrow. I admit, I have a very sweet screen with a width of 1980 pixels, and I would prefer to use the whole screen. And if I am indeed watching something or reading something or doing anything else but reading what I’ve written (yes, I sometimes do that, it is very entertaining to find out what I’ve written), I still want the page to be used maximally. That means when I resize the browser (Opera or IE), I want the page to respond to the change. But it does not.


“Everything that can be interpreted as moral can be interpreted as immoral.
Everything that can be interpreted as immoral can be interpreted as moral.
The interpretation depends on the person in question, his culture, his way of thinking.
Morality, as a whole, is therefore based on the lack of absolute values, there are no zeroes and ones (as per binary), there are always fractions.
As a corollary, morality cannot define any value of any action. If cannot do that, what's the point of it?”

And now, some real entertainment: Dima Bilan showing off his “Waterloo”. To be just, he is not adept at English (as most people are not adept as Russian), and he might not know the exact lyrics, so it is understandable. But funny as hell.

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