Monday, May 14, 2012

I can barely contain my enthusiasm.

Application is annoying. Just simply annoying.

You can tell them you don’t have Abitur, they will ask for the points of your Abitur.

You can tell them you have yet to graduate, they will ask for the grades of your final exams.

You can tell them you are not German, they won’t ask for language qualifications… yet.

I guess their application portal is still a WIP, though I am puzzled why they wouldn’t just use last year’s stuff. Perhaps they had the same situation last year as well, I don’t have the necessary information to assess that.

Though, if it baffles me, I feel sorry for those who are not as proficient as me, though it is possible that I am overthinking everything and simple thinking is what is expected.

Then again, if they really expect simple thinkers, what would the reason for it be? After all, it is not a field of study where simple thinking can get you very far, analytical and thoroughness are pretty much vital. Perhaps they wish to teach those skills themselves, so that there would be no ‘male logic’ vs. ‘female logic’ conflicts. Ah, who knows?


Also, for some reason I think this year’s Eurovision is going to be fun. You know, LT United and dancing babushka kind of fun. Though Jedward has lost a lot of its charm. No more playfulness. The same tragedy that happened to Lena – after making it really big, they lose what made them big. They lose the fun, the spark, the spunk, the playful, slightly mischievous spirit. And that is sad.

Though some trippy songs try to make up for the playfulness with apparent creativity crisis and bland lyrics. Yay.


First they built the road
Then they built the town
That's why we're still driving around
And around and around and around and around
And around and around and around...

Vicious circles in logic and general thinking are likely to occur when one thinks too much. Circular logic is not so bad, though. However, “it is only the appearance of sanity that is important.”, in that sure, you can build a circular road and go the distance, but as long as you keep it looking like there is a small settlement in the middle of it, nobody will bother you with it. At any rate, I do not believe anyone’s thinking can be quite circular. Perhaps curved, but never quite bent. Rarely broken, but never bent.

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