Thursday, May 3, 2012

“The soldier accepts that the face of the truth changes every day.”

Why is Windows still called Windows, when it is now focused on tiles and full-screen apps? Sure, windows exist as a ‘feature’ one can choose to use, but the main user interface is all ugly boxes.


“Every day you here create greater miracles than burning bush.”

“Maybe, but God was there first and he didn’t need solar batteries and a fusion reactor to do it.”


Today, I read a long text supplied by the Krishna. One of them tried to coerce me into joining to spread their word. The idea was great, to spread the message of love. Basically saying that happiness comes from the heart and is bound by love, love that is directed towards another person, may that be strangers, parents, siblings, or a significant other. And once a person finds that love, that person can be happy. Avoiding or ignoring love is, on the contrary, a blasphemous action and will lead to reincarnation. This is bad because the soul, the spirit is the truest form of existence and sticking it in a body is simply cruel.

It was doing so well… it is an ideology that allows free interpretation. Right up to the point they started claiming that it is a FACT that God lives through the holy writ and it is a FACT that Krishna (their fluffy god) lives through his/her/its words. Not to mention the awkward chanting that is necessary to live graciously. It makes the religion definable as a religion, but on the other hand, it makes it ridiculous. It is petty. The return on the large investment (sacrificing a large part of one’s life) is spiritual freedom after death (not getting another life). It would appear then, that if one does not believe in spiritual sanctity and thus lives life as one chooses, say to the fullest in one’s opinion, he gets to live it all over again, to the fullest. An endless cycle of joy.

Sure, the problem with being born again and again and again is that one does not recall the events of a previous life (although for some reason it is possible to recall the events of the present life in the future, more on that sometime later) and hence is unable to ignore the temptation of Krishna by using the argument that he chose this way of lives in a previous life. Not only that, recalling the arguments against becoming a follower of Krishna becomes rather impossible as well.

In conclusion, having an enlightening idea is not worth much if one does not know how to put it into practice. And yes, this is a point where the Krishna get compared to Communists. Beautiful ideals does not instantly mean beautiful consequences of those ideals.


“We are the dreamers, shapers, singers and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons and invocations of equations. These are the tools we employ and we know many things.”

“Such as?”

“The true secrets, the important things. 14 words to make someone fall in love with you forever, 7 words to make them go without pain or say goodbye to a friend who is dying. How to be poor, how to be rich. How to rediscover dreams when the world has stolen them from you.”

- All quotes belong to the genius of J.M.Straczynski

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