Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty, again

“I said to Jon
Do you think the girls here
(Ever wonder how they got so pretty?)
Oh, well I do”

Back to the good old philosophical question[1] that someone thinks I waste my mind thinking about. But since most of the things I think about waste my brains, it becomes a poor argument. I prefer to think like J.M.Straczynski: “The Universe is already mad, anything else would be redundant.”

So, what influences beauty?

It is already proven that beauty exists even post-observer and that it is always relative – there is no absolute beauty, no absolute lack of it. It is relative, hence it has to depend on some variable. Upon first glance, one would simply conclude that since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it has to depend on the beholder. Let’s check the integrity of this proposed causal link!

Sure, we hold some things more beautiful than others. I find old Porsche 356 and 550 models exquisite, yet some argue that some kind of brickish Lamborghini Countach is prettier which I simply cannot agree with. Some say C is good for coding[2], I think not[3]. Yes, the last example was absurd but c’mon, you can’t resist them!

Back to topic, beauty is evidently dependant on opinion. And opinions are relative to the person in whose mind those opinions exist. But are they?

Opinions are vulnerable to influences from the world. They change through life and can be changed through various means[4]. More on that in a future post, it will be translated in the nearer future. No spoilers yet but it will probably be worth an extra post to wrap the topic up once again. Until next time.

Today I was approached by an older male human.
He asked if it was Friday.
He asked if he was in Pärnu.
Then he asked if there had been a party last night.
And then he had no more questions.
All he needed was what, when and where.

A perfect start for a walkabout.

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