Wednesday, May 30, 2012

“That’s bad.”

Why climb the Everest?

Because it is there?

I would say it is a little too expensive to do ‘just because’, really I’d prefer a Porsche[1]. And it is not just climbing up a nice mountain alone, it is walking in like with a few hundred people, all heading for the top[2]. With this much trouble and cost, not to mention the danger, why do it? ‘Just because’ sounds awfully insufficient. And with so many people doing it, climbing the Everest is nothing special in the big picture. Sure, it is a slightly different from the average day, and it sounds like a perfect place for a walkabout, but it also sounds unreasonable unless under influence of strong spiritual reasons. Then again, why listen to the spirit, when you could be listening to the brain?

I have no doubt it would be awesome at the top, but then what?

Come down, return to the daily life?


It is a similar problem with perfection – once it is reached, there really is nowhere further to go…

Enjoy the groovy music and slightly-wtf trailer. Yes, it was a real movie.

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