Monday, May 21, 2012

“Every spacefaring race has two things in common. First, they have a food identical to what humans call "Swedish meatballs."”

“You were looking at gibberish for 20 minutes. Look, you wanna do that, swing by my place some time, and I'll show you some 20th century television.”

The decadence of modern television is remarkably curious. Recently, FOX announced they would stop airing and funding any science fiction or fantasy series. SciFi  literally changed its name to distance itself from the genre. There are no more large projects like Stargate, Star Trek or Babylon 5 were. There are no more funny perky shows like ‘I dream of Jeannie’ or ‘Get Smart’. There are no more sharp political satire shows like ‘Yes, (Prime) Minister’. Sure, The Daily Show tries to keep the tip up, but even that suffers from lack of material.

Everything is in small packages now. I mean, what is with the seasons of 6 short episodes? Why not have 24 full-length (45-minute) episodes per season, after all, it takes time to tell a good story. Anyone can create a short story and tell it in a few hours, it takes a creative genius to tell a story that lasts through 16 hours of awesomeness, constant tension and interesting side- and subplots.

I guess perhaps we lack those geniuses nowadays.

Either that or they don’t get the appropriate funding.

And that is probably a fault of overproduction. With so much stuff being produced, a single show cannot hog itself a huge budget. That means tons of low-budget stuff that does not really shine with excellent quality.

I tried watching ‘Game of Thrones’, I really did. It had fantasy, it had violence, it had sexual encounters. Basically everything to make it a success on cable. But I could not find the spark, the great line of inspiration, the vast potential character growth. It was just it, fantasy, violence, and sex. Tons and tons of it. But nothing that would make it stand out from basically any other thing on cable.

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