Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And all the other -isms.

Some people say that laziness is a vice that should be avoided. Sure, due diligence has its perks but laziness is not absolutely evil. After all, motivated laziness can be even better than doing everything the usual way.

Motivated laziness is a catalyst for innovation. Being lazy means wanting to do as little as possible. However, since there are things that must be done and things that one wants to get done, laziness might work against that. Being lazy also means wanting to do things with the least amount of effort, hence doing things the most effectively. And it is precisely that wish that is the driving force behind innovation. To do things more effectively than other people, one must change the method of doing things. Finding algorithms to minimize work while maintaining the quality of the result is quite a fascination for me as it allows me just linger while getting everything truly necessary done and then some. It is laziness that keeps me from working too hard and it is motivation that keeps me working. A perfect harmony.

Perhaps you should try it?

I don’t even know what this is or how it got to Eurovision but really, why the hell not?

It strongly reminds me of Israel’s “Push the button” from a few years back. Though that one was a lot more energetic and less comprehendible.

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