Saturday, May 19, 2012

“To live is to risk.”

Death comes to us all, it is a natural part of life. It is the end of the cycle, the terminate command at the end of a program, it is the shadow that opposes the light.

It is impossible to predict our actions in times of great pressure, a star could cower in the corner, and coward could be the only one with the guts to do what is necessary. It is the moment before death that might be the most significant moment of our lives. And that is rather logical, if our lives were an upward path, leading up to a single big event. They are not.

But should we be concerned about death before that moment? I would say not actively, perhaps passively, if at all.

Let’s be honest, you are going to die. Get used to it. Eventually. All those science projects that claim you will probably live past 100 years say it is a possibility and exclude all possible illnesses and accidents that shorten one’s lifespan. The fact that it is possible does not mean that it is certain, not to mention probable. As you know, “There is no certainty, only opportunity.”. So yes, you will most probably die within 80 years, there is no denying that. Unless you produce a formula that guarantees eternal life. Tiny chance.

So it is an inevitable event that we fear. Sounds ridiculous, and yet reasonable.

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